Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I have a lot to catch up on.

On Monday, I went into work, and awaiting me was a tedious, yet rewarding experience. I started working with the Sports editor, Drew, on a ski resort project-- fact-checking and editing entries about ski resorts, lodging and restaurants for (I feel like) a hundred of the closest mountains close to New York. I was so excited to finally get work that was related to journalism. I dove right into it. I was surrounded with green trails, artificial snow, tubing hills, extreme halfpipes and terrain parks, and the "ski and stay" package deals at local hotels. It was a lot of research, a lot of calling, and a lot of putting myself in an element I know little about. I come to New York from wee-little Kansas, not knowing the area very well, not knowing transportation as well as the next person, and I've only started skiing since 2006. But, that's the thing with journalism that really gets me. What motivates me, honestly, is a challenge. And, I took the challenge by the balls, and tackled it to the ground. After a long and exhausting day, I completed the copy I had to get through. I was so proud of myself to finish a task that even the editor felt bad about giving to me.

I finally understood why people come home craving the ice, cold refreshment of a Bud Light. I felt like I didn't even do that much, but it was so intensive, delving myself farther and farther into mountains and resorts and prices and hotel deals, that I needed an escape. Things finally fell into place. I can't wait to devote myself to a job, to a company, to a magazine, so I can feel this rewarded-- by contributing to a greater cause. The exhaustion was altogether so soothing and cathartic, that I couldn't wait to endure it again on Wednesday.

Luckily for me, Time Out only allows their interns to work two to three days a week. At first, I saw this as a downer, but it was such a blessing in disguise. On Tuesday, I allowed myself to sleep in a little. Then, I literally took a "personal day." I did pilates, and stretched out my body (I am a dancer, afterall). Because I had the apartment to myself, I just sang. I sang at the top of my lungs. It was such a release. Aside from magazines, my other passion is musical theater, so this was a very rewarding day as well. I could just sit by myself, download new songs and teach myself to sing them. I think being in New York has motivated me in several ways to achieve all my dreams: that being fulfilling my two greatest passions (magazines and musical theater).

After researching and singing, I went to Time Square to try for Wicked the Musical tickets (through the lottery). There were about 200 people there, and only 13 names got called for tickets... needless to say, I didn't win. I couldn't have asked for a better situation, though. I bought student tickets to a new play, August: Osage County, not really knowing much about it. That night, I was in utter amazement. The play comes straight from the Steppenwolf theater company in Chicago, and my god, these people are phenomenal. The play, the characters, the talent were just altogether great. The play is about a family that begins to crack and fall apart before your very eyes, in this perfectly-timed drama, turned "tragicomedy." It's almost uncomfortable how personal you get with this family, seeing every little bone crack in their bodies under pressure-- the skeletons hidden in their closets all come to life. Honestly, I haven't been to a play since the beginning of college. I have been so turned on to musicals, that I never thought a play was worth my time. And, my goodness, I don't know what I was thinking. The passion, the intensity-- I've missed it so much. It was incredible.

Today, Wednesday, I went back to work again. Finally, there were other interns to keep me company. I have been working alone for the past week, but today new people began their own internships. It was fun to finally have people to relate to in the workplace. I had a couple organization, researching and fact-checking projects today. It's just great to know I'm making a good impression and getting a great experience out of this all. That's all I wanted, and I'm slowly getting everything I could have ever asked for.

Tonight, I came home exhausted from work only craving (you guessed it) a beer. My lovely "roomies" and I walked to the nearest bar (oh wait, there are about 15 "nearest" bars). It was a cute little place, definitely real "local." Julee asked for a Bud Light draft and our waiter, Roof, said "you haven't heard of us, have you?" Obviously we haven't. They only offered imports on draft, and had over 150 beers available. But, we had one object in mind: Jerry's Kids. It's a game my friend, Matthew, invented (I think...?), and we were bringing it to this bar in New York City. It was a blast to have some great girlfriends in the city to spend an evening with. This regionalizes me, I know, but it felt like I was on Sex and the City. I loved every second of it.

But, New York City isn't all about having those close friends (although that's very important). Another thing I've learned about the city is that it creates a true independent in you. Almost everything you do in the city, you can do by yourself. You can walk to work by yourself, wait for the train by yourself, transfer trains by yourself, sit by yourself, find the right direction by yourself. Cross the street by yourself, sit in a corner by yourself, eat lunch on your break by yourself, go shopping by yourself,. Go home by yourself, catch a cab by yourself, explore Time Square by yourself, wait for a musical lottery by yourself, take a tour by yourself, buy a ticket to a play by yourself, see a play by yourself, grab a drink by yourself, and ultimately take a subway ride home at 3:30 in the morning... by yourself (sorry, Mom). This city allows you to get to know yourself, all alone, and ultimately learn that just because you're alone, doesn't mean you are lonely. Until you can find a best friend in yourself, you will not be able to have a true connection with anyone else. I feel like this city has made me a stronger person and individual. And, it's not like I haven't been to New York before, it's just that I have been learning so much about my future and the path I'm paving for myself that it excites me.

I need to get to sleep-- I have a big day ahead of me, even on my day off.



Susan Schwarz said...

What is the game?

Danae DeShazer said...

ha ha, i'll have to teach you! it's fun :)