Thursday, January 3, 2008

my first day at Time Out New York

This morning it felt like the first day of school -- I awoke early and giddy, awaiting the new friends and adventures I'd meet today.

I started my internship at Time Out New York magazine, which "stands out as the most comprehensive arts and entertainment resource in a city overflowing with cultural offerings and around-the-clock options." The office is located at 36th and Tenth Ave, a little trek from the subway stop. Thanks to a new Web site I discovered, I was able to find the exact subway and route to take me to my new little workplace.

When I walked in, I instantly had an ear-to-ear smile. The office is urban, metallic, funky, and spunky. I am going to secretly take pictures tomorrow. On the 12th floor, it has a spectacular view (don't worry, I took a picture of the sunset out the window). The rectangular office has workstations lined all around its edges, leaving a wide-open center with a grand winding staircase and bright purple and orange funny-shaped couches filling the middle. There are even King Kong-sized bean bags laying under the stairs.

I have been doing an odd assortment of work today-- which just shows you the spontaneity of tasks that need to be done at a magazine. I copied and created these media research binders for the editor-in-chief, and I went on an errand with my supervisor to Columbia University (oh my gosh, this campus is breathtaking) to turn in entries for a national magazine competition. It's been kind of a slow day with not much for me to do, but the atmosphere is great and, well, it's only the first day.

Tonight, a group of us are getting together to watch the Orange Bowl (Go Hawks!) at a KU bar down here. And, then back to work again tomorrow. I'm already in love with New York City, yet again, and can't wait for more new experiences.


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