Thursday, January 10, 2008


I can't believe the week is almost over. I've almost completed my massive cover line research project, and I'll continue researching cool winter sports tomorrow for the "In Focus-You Can Do This" section. This assignment is kind of tough for me because a) I hate winter b) I hate snow c) I don't ski/snowboard...and to top it off, I have to find a new, cool sport or a sport that is making a comeback that a freelancer can go participate in for a long weekend (4 days). I've had some luck finding cool stuff (skwalling/telemark skiing/snow jumping) but I still need to find good trend reports. Good thing Rodale has an excellent library staff (yes, we have our own LIBRARY!) in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, that I can consult.

This afternoon, the other two interns (from Rutgers and Northwestern, respectively) and I went to the staff meeting. The editors get together with Alison to talk about future stories (they plan out the magazine very far in advance) and progress. The editors pitched ideas and talked everything through. I liked watching this process---I expected it to be very formal, but a lot of the editors were stream-of-conscious talking and bouncing ideas off of each other. They were all very supportive of each other, too, and Alison was very receptive to everyone's ideas.

I set up a meeting with a freelancer and former editor today. I'd been in contact with her since October, and I'm finally going to have coffee with her on Monday at a chic little coffee joint near work (not Starbucks!). She has edited for teen titles and Glamour, and just released a teen lit book (which I need to finish reading by Monday!). I love the opportunities available in NY---young people in publishing are so great about helping up-and-coming magaziners---so I'm definitely taking advantage of that!

Most nights, I'm way too tired to go out and do stuff with everybody---I missed the KU game and haven't even seen everyone yet---but I think we all feel that way, and I agree with Danae that there's nothing wrong with exploring the city on your own, on your time, at your pace. I did do a little shopping after work today---mostly makeup and skincare---at Barneys and Bergdorf', did I feel like a little girl in those stores. The lady and gentleman at the nude beauty counter inside Barneys were so sweet to me and really took care of me, though---hello, free samples with my lipgloss purchase! The person at Chanel in Bergdorf Goodman was a little out of it, though...I ended up with brown mascara when I asked for black...guess I'll be back there tomorrow :(

I'm very ready for the weekend, but I'm dreading the masses that will be out shopping on Saturday. I'm planning on doing some sightseeing with some of the girls early Saturday morning...hopefully I'll make it to the Statue of Liberty! Until then...I'll be watching Sex & the City.


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