Sunday, January 6, 2008

loving the city.

I realized a couple of things this weekend.

One, I am in my dream city. I'm obsessed.

Two, I'm not here as a tourist. It's as if I actually live here. I learned that I'm going to be here for two weeks... I've got time. But, then again, sometimes you gotta just do the touristy thing and just revel in the culture.

Three, New York City has a PDA problem. It's not like Lawrence when you go out and can predict that you'll know someone at any restaurant, bar, building or library. People believe that since there are so many others around, and you don't know any of them... you're invisible. Needless to say, this is untrue. We see you. And it's not cool.

Anyway. I went out with some great friends on Friday night to "The After Party," this open mic Broadway cabaret. It was some late night fun, so needless to say I was exhausted on Saturday. I stayed in most of the day, and at first I was mad at myself. But, then I came to a realization-- I am here for a purpose of this amazing opportunity, and internship with a top notch publication in the best city in the world. Secondly, I'm here to enjoy life, enjoy my surroundings, enjoy the culture, and explore. So, if I need my rest, it's okay. I've got time. Live for the moment.

And, so I did. On a whim, I bought expensive (i.e. full price, which I NEVER do) Spring Awakening tickets for Saturday night. I had already seen the Tony award-winning show in March, but knew I wanted to re-experience it as my first Broadway show this trip. I went to the show with Megan, and Irina and Travis came too (but didn't sit with us). It was again, so life-changing. I guess I've been used to listening to the CD so much, but their voices live were so pure, and so astounding. I loved it again and again.

After the show, the four classmates embarked on a journey: finding a bar, which is such an easy task in New York. Every block (it seems) has about 10 restaurants, 15 bars, and a few nail salons. Oh, and probably a Starbucks. We traveled to Union Square in the East Village and just walked down the street, spotting many-a-option. It was nice to just be with four Kansas students and just getting out there and trying it out-- without a plan, without a specific destination.

Megan and I both agreed, it's a little treat that bars close at 3 a.m. here...

I slept in again on Sunday, and boy was it nice. Julee has a heated blanket in her bed, so I could have stayed there all day. But, Megan and I had a tour to go on. I found it when I was reading Time Out New York (look at how good of an employee I am!). It is a Multiethnic Eating Tour, complete with an immigrant history of the Lower East Side, Chinatown, and Little Italy. It was great, because it was a walking tour, but we also got to sample some great eats: Dominican plantains, pickles, halvas, sweet and spicy Chinese tofu, longan fruits, Chinese dried plums and rose petals, traditional Italian mozzarella, parmesan, and salami, and the sweet ending, a delicious cannoli.

If you can probably imagine, it was fabulous and fun. The tour ended in Little Italy, and Megan and I grabbed a bite to eat at an Italian restaurant called La Nonna, and quickly headed back to Canal street -- to the heart of Chinatown shopping. Needless to say, I was pretty bold. We followed a little woman four blocks to the basement of a shop to find countless designer bags (well... knock-offs). Didn't purchase any of the bags, but I did buy some fun gifts for my friends. Oh, and they sell movies currently in theaters on the streets. Apparently, they film the movie with a personal camera in the movie theater, complete with popcorn crunching and old men coughing. I bought The Bucket List for $5, but haven't watched it yet. Julee and Lauren already have a collection of illegal movies. Oh, Chinatown.

Tonight we went to see Juno, which was a wonderful movie. I loved it and recommend it. Except the fact that movie tickets in New York are $12.

Alright, sorry for the complete detailed description of my every activity, but I hope you enjoy. Tomorrow, it's back to work at Time Out.


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