Sunday, January 6, 2008

Redbook and New York

My first few days working at Redbook have been absolutely fantastic. I commute from my cousin's apartment in Brooklyn and it takes me about 45 minutes to get there from the subway. Not too bad at all. The Hearst building was pretty intimidating when I first arrived. It's beautiful and very well designed, right down to the waterfall that runs right under the escalators.

The office is exactly what I pictured from portrayals in movies of magazine offices. Everything is glass and very modern in design. I am one of several interns that are on a rotating schedule in order to fit with their school activities. I am the only one that comes in everyday.

The deputy features editor has me organizing the "Hottest Husband" contest applicants right now. It's a pretty sweet gig. The first judging begins on Monday. I'm pretty excited about it even though it's not very journalistic work.

It's teaching me a lot more about how major consumer magazines work. We had a photo shoot crisis this week and had to scour the town for seedlings for a "grow your own vegetables" article. Finding seedlings in New York in January is next to impossible. The girls behind the intern desk are in charge of trying out beauty products for side bars in the beauty section. They like to give the interns the products that they don't use. So I've been going home with lots of goodies.

I'm in love with New York. Danae and I are going on an ethnic food tour and we're gotta go!

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Danae DeShazer said...

And boy was the eating tour MIGHTY GOOD!