Saturday, January 12, 2008

lazy weekend.

Today, I finally went grocery shopping. And, I tried Tasti D-Lite, the famed New York ice cream shop (it wasn't that great). Other than that, I've been pretty lazy. I couldn't seem to find my bank debit card, so I was politely fretting about it. It's now five o'clock, and the bar is still not answering my phone calls. No word.

Yesterday I had a great day at work. The finance issue comes out next week-- for the new year they do a four-part issue for four weeks about detoxing yourself and getting yourself back on track. This week is the fitness issue, next week finance, and the week after... not sure. But, anyway. The finance issue closed this past week, but I was working for the web editor. Because the Web site content just switches over the day the issue comes out (Wednesday's), they were still getting extra web content put together to complement the issue. I researched and wrote about different online calculators that help you finance your life-- i.e. mortgage calculators, loan calculators, renting vs. buying, debt pay-off goal-setting, how to become a millionaire by a certain age, etc. It was interesting because it's a topic I know absolutely nothing about... I mean, a mortgage and fixed interest rates? Not exactly my thing, but it was great to finally write. Even though they were 50- to 80-word blurbs about each "calculator" and its use, I still was trying to fit into the Time Out New York writing style-- witty, tongue-in-cheek, and hip. After I finished that project, I researched and wrote about some of the wealthiest New Yorker's (which I found from the Forbes' 400 list). The editor said to play up their "lavish" lifestyles and try to poke fun at them. I was never really given an assignment like this where I really had to mess around with something that could have been pretty straight forward. Not sure if I succeeded, but it was a good experience. Also, it was hard to play into the New York audience, since I don't live here and not familiar with all the little "inside jokes" of the city (because trust me, there are a lot, and Time Out NY uses them all the time).

Last night after work, Julee, Lauren, Brad and I headed to Tortilla Flats, a crazy fun Mexican-themed bar in the meat-packing district. It was for Lauren's "going away party," because she leaves New York City on Monday. Later on I met up with Matthew for his going away party, because he leaves for Italy on Tuesday! He's this fabulous choreographer extraordinaire-- he's the assistant choreographer for the international European tour of Hair. And, that's how I lost my debit card. I've called everywhere I think I needed to call. Hopefully I can try traveling to the place I think it is, since they don't seem to answer their phones.

I have some fun news! I ended up taking pictures of my office for you all to see. I'm obsessed.

On the right, this is the building I work at, at 36th and Tenth Ave. It's on the west side of Manhattan, with not very many tall buildings around, or much tourism for that matter. But, if you walk to 34th, you can see the Empire State building (which is located on 34th street, only a couple avenues away).

Below, you can see a little sneak peak of the office through the glass doors. This is what you'd see right when you arrive on the twelth floor.

On the left, you get a better view of the main lobby of the office. The office is on the 12th floor, but also has a 12th floor mezzanine level, or an upper level with more offices (and where I work, in the corner...). As I have described before, the decor is eclectic and urban. I love it.

And below, another angle of the lobby from the upstairs mezzanine. The front office is in the right corner.

Oh, one more-- my favorite. It's a sitting room upstairs close to where my little cube is. This was the first day I started working, and you can check out the beautiful sunset across the horizon.

Hope these pictures give you a better view of where I work.

Thanks for reading.


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