Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Attention, Can I have your attention please..."

That wonderful intercom message came across the whole building twice yesterday. Once because the alarm was going off in the concourse and once because of a "small condition" on the roof! Luckily, no major problems seem to have occurred but they did shut down the elevators for a little while each time.

Other than that I finally finished one of the 6 assignments I have! I'm so glad I'm done with SOMETHING. I got to call and request products be sent to us that may be featured in the Travel issue. One guy in Oregon was hysterical. When I told him I was with Real Simple he said, "Well you guys are kicking Martha Stewart's butt, aren't you!" No offense to Mother Earth News but I can definitely tell a difference in recognition working here. Everyone knows what I am talking about when I say Real Simple.

As for the rest of my NY experience, it has been a blast. My roomies have been tons of fun. The other night I felt like I was back in high school at a slumber party because we all got into bed, turned out the lights and then decided to talk for at least the next hour. None of us knows when we actually went to bed, and there was TONS of laughing involved. That is not to mention all of our "quotes" and our extensive boy-band conversation yesterday (because NSync is WAY better than the Backstreet Boys). I am waiting for the next sleep-in day but I am kind of sad the first week of this experience is almost over. Guess I better enjoy it while it lasts! :)


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