Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Like nylon stockings?

I arrived in NYC with high expectations. My first day here seemed to erase all those expectations. Laura and I walked through Times Square, terrified for our lives as a scary looking man told us he liked Laura's tongue, and became more terrified for our lives when we got off the wrong subway station and had to walk seven blocks through the deserted part of Harlem in the middle of the night (mace at hand).

The hostel we are staying at is nice for how little money we paid, however I would like to believe I have already mastered the art of taking the fastest showers alive (our hot water is very limited and can only be enjoyed for a matter of a few minutes).

NYLON is located in Soho. Unfortunately, I feel I have been given very little responsibilities. I've been transcribing interview after interview with people who have thick accents. I might possibly be the worst person they could have chosen for this job seeing as how I am terrible with accents. But, to try and see this experience in a positive light, it's interesting to listen in on a professional's interviewing process. The office is very tiny. It is located on the 6th floor of the Soho Building along with five or six other company offices. There are only six editors total. I do get a window view (of a building) but I had better enjoy it while it lasts. As soon as they hire a new fashion editor, my desk will become hers and I don't know where I'll end up.

It's unfortunate that we do not get to intern longer because then maybe the staff here would trust me with some other responsibilities that result in portfolio clips. I know they need me to do what I'm doing or they wouldn't have asked, so I do it without complaint, but I wish it was a little more of researching and writing than listening to British musicians complain about the restraints society can put on you.

I hope I can make another post soon. This Saturday I think I am going to visit the Statue of Liberty and make it back up to Fifth Avenue to shop at Macy's and check out the Empire State Building. At some point I want to go to the Met, so if anyone wants to join, let me know and we can arrange a time and date.


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