Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Remember that online research I did for the Finance issue?


Check it out:

Portraits of New York's Wealthiest

Online Financial Calculators

I'm freaking out. Ha.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I took a bite out of the Big Apple and now I'm addicted

I'm down to my last two days at Redbook. (Insert big sad face here.) I leave Thursday for the flat land and I think I might cry upon leaving New York. I have had many interesting experiences in my two week stay. Not all completely positive, but all have been interesting. There was the chick fight in Chinatown, my first Broadway show, judging the nation's hottest husbands with Redbook's editorial team, eating dried rose petals in the Lower East Side, getting schooled on makeup knowledge by a guy in Sephora and exploring Times Square all by my lonesome, just to name a few.

Redbook has been a great learning experience. However, not in the way that I expected at all. Most of the work I did included making copies of past articles, printing out the hot husband pictures and answering crazy fan mail. So most of my learning was from my surroundings. The busy grind that was all around showed me just how a major consumer magazine operates. It takes a huge number of people and each person's job is incredibly specialized and changes issue to issue. Their jobs couldn't possibly be boring. One week they are researching how to grow seedlings in your kitchen and the next, what body shimmer makes you look the best while naked. Even though I didn't do much or any journalistic work, I listened intently to phone interviews and directions from editors to assistants. Everyone was very nice and eager to find out why the heck a girl from Kansas wound up in New York.

The most important thing that I learned while here is that this is my comfort zone. I like working with articulate fashion-loving, beauty product-seeking women that love their jobs. I like not driving to work even if it means taking a subway that reeks of urine. I love that I can walk a block and have a pharmacy, market and clothing store all within my reach. I love New York and (pardon the cliche) I want to be a part of it.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

lazy weekend.

Today, I finally went grocery shopping. And, I tried Tasti D-Lite, the famed New York ice cream shop (it wasn't that great). Other than that, I've been pretty lazy. I couldn't seem to find my bank debit card, so I was politely fretting about it. It's now five o'clock, and the bar is still not answering my phone calls. No word.

Yesterday I had a great day at work. The finance issue comes out next week-- for the new year they do a four-part issue for four weeks about detoxing yourself and getting yourself back on track. This week is the fitness issue, next week finance, and the week after... not sure. But, anyway. The finance issue closed this past week, but I was working for the web editor. Because the Web site content just switches over the day the issue comes out (Wednesday's), they were still getting extra web content put together to complement the issue. I researched and wrote about different online calculators that help you finance your life-- i.e. mortgage calculators, loan calculators, renting vs. buying, debt pay-off goal-setting, how to become a millionaire by a certain age, etc. It was interesting because it's a topic I know absolutely nothing about... I mean, a mortgage and fixed interest rates? Not exactly my thing, but it was great to finally write. Even though they were 50- to 80-word blurbs about each "calculator" and its use, I still was trying to fit into the Time Out New York writing style-- witty, tongue-in-cheek, and hip. After I finished that project, I researched and wrote about some of the wealthiest New Yorker's (which I found from the Forbes' 400 list). The editor said to play up their "lavish" lifestyles and try to poke fun at them. I was never really given an assignment like this where I really had to mess around with something that could have been pretty straight forward. Not sure if I succeeded, but it was a good experience. Also, it was hard to play into the New York audience, since I don't live here and not familiar with all the little "inside jokes" of the city (because trust me, there are a lot, and Time Out NY uses them all the time).

Last night after work, Julee, Lauren, Brad and I headed to Tortilla Flats, a crazy fun Mexican-themed bar in the meat-packing district. It was for Lauren's "going away party," because she leaves New York City on Monday. Later on I met up with Matthew for his going away party, because he leaves for Italy on Tuesday! He's this fabulous choreographer extraordinaire-- he's the assistant choreographer for the international European tour of Hair. And, that's how I lost my debit card. I've called everywhere I think I needed to call. Hopefully I can try traveling to the place I think it is, since they don't seem to answer their phones.

I have some fun news! I ended up taking pictures of my office for you all to see. I'm obsessed.

On the right, this is the building I work at, at 36th and Tenth Ave. It's on the west side of Manhattan, with not very many tall buildings around, or much tourism for that matter. But, if you walk to 34th, you can see the Empire State building (which is located on 34th street, only a couple avenues away).

Below, you can see a little sneak peak of the office through the glass doors. This is what you'd see right when you arrive on the twelth floor.

On the left, you get a better view of the main lobby of the office. The office is on the 12th floor, but also has a 12th floor mezzanine level, or an upper level with more offices (and where I work, in the corner...). As I have described before, the decor is eclectic and urban. I love it.

And below, another angle of the lobby from the upstairs mezzanine. The front office is in the right corner.

Oh, one more-- my favorite. It's a sitting room upstairs close to where my little cube is. This was the first day I started working, and you can check out the beautiful sunset across the horizon.

Hope these pictures give you a better view of where I work.

Thanks for reading.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

The first week is almost over...

Carol's contact, Kate Williams, left New York today for Los Angeles. She gets to interview Rachel Bilson who is going to be the cover of our spring issue. I would love to sit down and talk with someone like Rachel. She seems like a fun and interesting person. Maybe I'll transcribe the interview next week, shutting my eyes and imagining that I'm there, too.

Today seemed to be the day all of the interns at NYLON worked. The office was filled with people who were busy, busy, busy. And I....had nothing to do. I had finished transcribing Kate's interview with Jason Crombie, the editor of the new zine, "Wooooo," which is in the style of a paper back book that is full of interviews with interesting people, and realized that Kate had left for L.A. this morning giving me nothing to do. She had simply told me to ask people around the office if they needed any help, but I don't think they knew what to do with me. I spent most of the day fact checking some articles. One was about this new band who call themselves "Cut off your hands" (that's not morbid at all...) and Diego Luna who is in a new Spanish film this spring as well as directing a film, (the article called "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights" a bad movie roll choice--I loved that movie!). I was happy with myself to find some incorrect spelling of names, but I still feel like I haven't done anything "journalistic," (is that a word?). The other day the staff had an editorial meeting and they didn't even invite me to sit in on it. The editorial staff is as nice as can be, but I know they see me as an insignificant intern who is only staying for two weeks, but it would be nice if they let me experience the "real-NYLON."

The hostel is fun, minus the mouse that we saw dashing around the lounge area last night. Haha. The girls and I are having a blast. It's like freshman year in college all over again. Tomorrow night we are seeing "Hairspray" at the Neil Simon theater. It should be tons of fun.

Is everyone still wanting to go to the Back Page on Saturday night and try and get some old KU Alumni men to buy us hot ladies some drinks!? :)



I can't believe the week is almost over. I've almost completed my massive cover line research project, and I'll continue researching cool winter sports tomorrow for the "In Focus-You Can Do This" section. This assignment is kind of tough for me because a) I hate winter b) I hate snow c) I don't ski/snowboard...and to top it off, I have to find a new, cool sport or a sport that is making a comeback that a freelancer can go participate in for a long weekend (4 days). I've had some luck finding cool stuff (skwalling/telemark skiing/snow jumping) but I still need to find good trend reports. Good thing Rodale has an excellent library staff (yes, we have our own LIBRARY!) in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, that I can consult.

This afternoon, the other two interns (from Rutgers and Northwestern, respectively) and I went to the staff meeting. The editors get together with Alison to talk about future stories (they plan out the magazine very far in advance) and progress. The editors pitched ideas and talked everything through. I liked watching this process---I expected it to be very formal, but a lot of the editors were stream-of-conscious talking and bouncing ideas off of each other. They were all very supportive of each other, too, and Alison was very receptive to everyone's ideas.

I set up a meeting with a freelancer and former editor today. I'd been in contact with her since October, and I'm finally going to have coffee with her on Monday at a chic little coffee joint near work (not Starbucks!). She has edited for teen titles and Glamour, and just released a teen lit book (which I need to finish reading by Monday!). I love the opportunities available in NY---young people in publishing are so great about helping up-and-coming magaziners---so I'm definitely taking advantage of that!

Most nights, I'm way too tired to go out and do stuff with everybody---I missed the KU game and haven't even seen everyone yet---but I think we all feel that way, and I agree with Danae that there's nothing wrong with exploring the city on your own, on your time, at your pace. I did do a little shopping after work today---mostly makeup and skincare---at Barneys and Bergdorf', did I feel like a little girl in those stores. The lady and gentleman at the nude beauty counter inside Barneys were so sweet to me and really took care of me, though---hello, free samples with my lipgloss purchase! The person at Chanel in Bergdorf Goodman was a little out of it, though...I ended up with brown mascara when I asked for black...guess I'll be back there tomorrow :(

I'm very ready for the weekend, but I'm dreading the masses that will be out shopping on Saturday. I'm planning on doing some sightseeing with some of the girls early Saturday morning...hopefully I'll make it to the Statue of Liberty! Until then...I'll be watching Sex & the City.


"Attention, Can I have your attention please..."

That wonderful intercom message came across the whole building twice yesterday. Once because the alarm was going off in the concourse and once because of a "small condition" on the roof! Luckily, no major problems seem to have occurred but they did shut down the elevators for a little while each time.

Other than that I finally finished one of the 6 assignments I have! I'm so glad I'm done with SOMETHING. I got to call and request products be sent to us that may be featured in the Travel issue. One guy in Oregon was hysterical. When I told him I was with Real Simple he said, "Well you guys are kicking Martha Stewart's butt, aren't you!" No offense to Mother Earth News but I can definitely tell a difference in recognition working here. Everyone knows what I am talking about when I say Real Simple.

As for the rest of my NY experience, it has been a blast. My roomies have been tons of fun. The other night I felt like I was back in high school at a slumber party because we all got into bed, turned out the lights and then decided to talk for at least the next hour. None of us knows when we actually went to bed, and there was TONS of laughing involved. That is not to mention all of our "quotes" and our extensive boy-band conversation yesterday (because NSync is WAY better than the Backstreet Boys). I am waiting for the next sleep-in day but I am kind of sad the first week of this experience is almost over. Guess I better enjoy it while it lasts! :)


Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I have a lot to catch up on.

On Monday, I went into work, and awaiting me was a tedious, yet rewarding experience. I started working with the Sports editor, Drew, on a ski resort project-- fact-checking and editing entries about ski resorts, lodging and restaurants for (I feel like) a hundred of the closest mountains close to New York. I was so excited to finally get work that was related to journalism. I dove right into it. I was surrounded with green trails, artificial snow, tubing hills, extreme halfpipes and terrain parks, and the "ski and stay" package deals at local hotels. It was a lot of research, a lot of calling, and a lot of putting myself in an element I know little about. I come to New York from wee-little Kansas, not knowing the area very well, not knowing transportation as well as the next person, and I've only started skiing since 2006. But, that's the thing with journalism that really gets me. What motivates me, honestly, is a challenge. And, I took the challenge by the balls, and tackled it to the ground. After a long and exhausting day, I completed the copy I had to get through. I was so proud of myself to finish a task that even the editor felt bad about giving to me.

I finally understood why people come home craving the ice, cold refreshment of a Bud Light. I felt like I didn't even do that much, but it was so intensive, delving myself farther and farther into mountains and resorts and prices and hotel deals, that I needed an escape. Things finally fell into place. I can't wait to devote myself to a job, to a company, to a magazine, so I can feel this rewarded-- by contributing to a greater cause. The exhaustion was altogether so soothing and cathartic, that I couldn't wait to endure it again on Wednesday.

Luckily for me, Time Out only allows their interns to work two to three days a week. At first, I saw this as a downer, but it was such a blessing in disguise. On Tuesday, I allowed myself to sleep in a little. Then, I literally took a "personal day." I did pilates, and stretched out my body (I am a dancer, afterall). Because I had the apartment to myself, I just sang. I sang at the top of my lungs. It was such a release. Aside from magazines, my other passion is musical theater, so this was a very rewarding day as well. I could just sit by myself, download new songs and teach myself to sing them. I think being in New York has motivated me in several ways to achieve all my dreams: that being fulfilling my two greatest passions (magazines and musical theater).

After researching and singing, I went to Time Square to try for Wicked the Musical tickets (through the lottery). There were about 200 people there, and only 13 names got called for tickets... needless to say, I didn't win. I couldn't have asked for a better situation, though. I bought student tickets to a new play, August: Osage County, not really knowing much about it. That night, I was in utter amazement. The play comes straight from the Steppenwolf theater company in Chicago, and my god, these people are phenomenal. The play, the characters, the talent were just altogether great. The play is about a family that begins to crack and fall apart before your very eyes, in this perfectly-timed drama, turned "tragicomedy." It's almost uncomfortable how personal you get with this family, seeing every little bone crack in their bodies under pressure-- the skeletons hidden in their closets all come to life. Honestly, I haven't been to a play since the beginning of college. I have been so turned on to musicals, that I never thought a play was worth my time. And, my goodness, I don't know what I was thinking. The passion, the intensity-- I've missed it so much. It was incredible.

Today, Wednesday, I went back to work again. Finally, there were other interns to keep me company. I have been working alone for the past week, but today new people began their own internships. It was fun to finally have people to relate to in the workplace. I had a couple organization, researching and fact-checking projects today. It's just great to know I'm making a good impression and getting a great experience out of this all. That's all I wanted, and I'm slowly getting everything I could have ever asked for.

Tonight, I came home exhausted from work only craving (you guessed it) a beer. My lovely "roomies" and I walked to the nearest bar (oh wait, there are about 15 "nearest" bars). It was a cute little place, definitely real "local." Julee asked for a Bud Light draft and our waiter, Roof, said "you haven't heard of us, have you?" Obviously we haven't. They only offered imports on draft, and had over 150 beers available. But, we had one object in mind: Jerry's Kids. It's a game my friend, Matthew, invented (I think...?), and we were bringing it to this bar in New York City. It was a blast to have some great girlfriends in the city to spend an evening with. This regionalizes me, I know, but it felt like I was on Sex and the City. I loved every second of it.

But, New York City isn't all about having those close friends (although that's very important). Another thing I've learned about the city is that it creates a true independent in you. Almost everything you do in the city, you can do by yourself. You can walk to work by yourself, wait for the train by yourself, transfer trains by yourself, sit by yourself, find the right direction by yourself. Cross the street by yourself, sit in a corner by yourself, eat lunch on your break by yourself, go shopping by yourself,. Go home by yourself, catch a cab by yourself, explore Time Square by yourself, wait for a musical lottery by yourself, take a tour by yourself, buy a ticket to a play by yourself, see a play by yourself, grab a drink by yourself, and ultimately take a subway ride home at 3:30 in the morning... by yourself (sorry, Mom). This city allows you to get to know yourself, all alone, and ultimately learn that just because you're alone, doesn't mean you are lonely. Until you can find a best friend in yourself, you will not be able to have a true connection with anyone else. I feel like this city has made me a stronger person and individual. And, it's not like I haven't been to New York before, it's just that I have been learning so much about my future and the path I'm paving for myself that it excites me.

I need to get to sleep-- I have a big day ahead of me, even on my day off.


Like nylon stockings?

I arrived in NYC with high expectations. My first day here seemed to erase all those expectations. Laura and I walked through Times Square, terrified for our lives as a scary looking man told us he liked Laura's tongue, and became more terrified for our lives when we got off the wrong subway station and had to walk seven blocks through the deserted part of Harlem in the middle of the night (mace at hand).

The hostel we are staying at is nice for how little money we paid, however I would like to believe I have already mastered the art of taking the fastest showers alive (our hot water is very limited and can only be enjoyed for a matter of a few minutes).

NYLON is located in Soho. Unfortunately, I feel I have been given very little responsibilities. I've been transcribing interview after interview with people who have thick accents. I might possibly be the worst person they could have chosen for this job seeing as how I am terrible with accents. But, to try and see this experience in a positive light, it's interesting to listen in on a professional's interviewing process. The office is very tiny. It is located on the 6th floor of the Soho Building along with five or six other company offices. There are only six editors total. I do get a window view (of a building) but I had better enjoy it while it lasts. As soon as they hire a new fashion editor, my desk will become hers and I don't know where I'll end up.

It's unfortunate that we do not get to intern longer because then maybe the staff here would trust me with some other responsibilities that result in portfolio clips. I know they need me to do what I'm doing or they wouldn't have asked, so I do it without complaint, but I wish it was a little more of researching and writing than listening to British musicians complain about the restraints society can put on you.

I hope I can make another post soon. This Saturday I think I am going to visit the Statue of Liberty and make it back up to Fifth Avenue to shop at Macy's and check out the Empire State Building. At some point I want to go to the Met, so if anyone wants to join, let me know and we can arrange a time and date.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Real Simple and my first 2 days!

Hey everyone -
I have been meaning to get on here and write ever since I got to NY on the 31st but I haven't got around to it. My husband and I arrived then and we did TONS of sight-seeing until he left on the 5th. I ended up with a cold and stayed in bed all weekend and then got up and had my first day yesterday.

Real Simple is great. I got the small tour of our floor. I'm on the 8th floor of the Time & Life Building. The actual Real Simple offices are on the 9th floor but we in the special departments got kicked out when we got too big for one floor! That means there aren't many of us on the 8th but it is everyone I am working closely with. I got my own cubicle with a VERY VERY pink screen. No matter what I did I couldn't get the screen, background, icons, cursor, anything to not be pink. It killed my eyes but James the IT guy brought me a new monitor at 4 yesterday afternoon and put a stop to the headache I had.

I was given three different assignments all for the Resources section in the back of every Real Simple. So I've been researching and interviewing for those three pieces these last two days. I am waiting for people to get back to me but all are getting close to being finished. I was at a standstill so I asked Jaimee, my editor, for some more work. She gave me two more assignments. One is another research and contact assignment for the Destination story but the other one should be TONS of fun. I get to put together a sidebar for Travel Firsts, like when the first flight was and where it went or who made the first swimsuit. Jaimee said to be creative and come up with anything I could. I will be diving head first into that tomorrow.

I can't really describe the offices in any other way then being simple, but that is to be expected. All of the offices have sliding wood and glass doors and of course I love them. I'm a little ways from the two people I work closest with Jaimee and Rachel but they pretty much give me assignments and set me loose.

The one cool thing about this building is it directly connects to Rockefellar Plaza which means I NEVER have to go outside, even to get on a subway. That will be nice if it is ever raining while I'm here.

Everyone else sounds like they are having a good time. Some of us are heading to Back Page to take in the KU game after work. Rock Chalk!

Until tomorrow -

My First Project....

is done! But, man did it take me forever.

So, on my second day in the office I was given the task to research and compile a list of stars under the age of 30. The purpose would be to put them on the cover of Shape. Well, this obviously rules out men and people with a beer belly. Other than that there were no restrictions. Besides the obvious perk of "playing" on for 3 days, the list ended up being quite a bit of work.

All in all the grand total of women celebs under 30 was around 550 people. At around 7 p.m. last night, my eyes began to lose focus and I wanted to through the computer out the window (one of which I don't even have in my back corner would have been a daunting task).

Now, it is over and today begins a new project (of what I do not know). Regardless, I am in LOVE with Shape and New York. I have completely thrown my southern belle roots in the trash and I have exchanged them for the fast walking anonymous lifestyle of the big city.

This weekend was a treat though. My Guncles (aka my gay uncles) took my to see a play called August Osage County. It’s rumored to be getting big Tony nods. The kicker for me however, was that Thatcher Grey (Meredith Grey’s dad on Grey’s Anatomy) was a part of the cast.

P.S. I just spoke of the Grey’s cast as if they were people (eck I need help! Yes, I think that exclamation point was needed).

Oh, and one other thing… Danae what is halvas? I think you may mean Challah. As in the traditional bread served on Shabbat. Was it braided? I demand to get to the bottom of this issue.

Hope all is well with all of you. Lets plan and adventure this weekend.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Where is...

Dani Hurst? Isn't she at and staying in Brooklyn?


Sunday, January 6, 2008

loving the city.

I realized a couple of things this weekend.

One, I am in my dream city. I'm obsessed.

Two, I'm not here as a tourist. It's as if I actually live here. I learned that I'm going to be here for two weeks... I've got time. But, then again, sometimes you gotta just do the touristy thing and just revel in the culture.

Three, New York City has a PDA problem. It's not like Lawrence when you go out and can predict that you'll know someone at any restaurant, bar, building or library. People believe that since there are so many others around, and you don't know any of them... you're invisible. Needless to say, this is untrue. We see you. And it's not cool.

Anyway. I went out with some great friends on Friday night to "The After Party," this open mic Broadway cabaret. It was some late night fun, so needless to say I was exhausted on Saturday. I stayed in most of the day, and at first I was mad at myself. But, then I came to a realization-- I am here for a purpose of this amazing opportunity, and internship with a top notch publication in the best city in the world. Secondly, I'm here to enjoy life, enjoy my surroundings, enjoy the culture, and explore. So, if I need my rest, it's okay. I've got time. Live for the moment.

And, so I did. On a whim, I bought expensive (i.e. full price, which I NEVER do) Spring Awakening tickets for Saturday night. I had already seen the Tony award-winning show in March, but knew I wanted to re-experience it as my first Broadway show this trip. I went to the show with Megan, and Irina and Travis came too (but didn't sit with us). It was again, so life-changing. I guess I've been used to listening to the CD so much, but their voices live were so pure, and so astounding. I loved it again and again.

After the show, the four classmates embarked on a journey: finding a bar, which is such an easy task in New York. Every block (it seems) has about 10 restaurants, 15 bars, and a few nail salons. Oh, and probably a Starbucks. We traveled to Union Square in the East Village and just walked down the street, spotting many-a-option. It was nice to just be with four Kansas students and just getting out there and trying it out-- without a plan, without a specific destination.

Megan and I both agreed, it's a little treat that bars close at 3 a.m. here...

I slept in again on Sunday, and boy was it nice. Julee has a heated blanket in her bed, so I could have stayed there all day. But, Megan and I had a tour to go on. I found it when I was reading Time Out New York (look at how good of an employee I am!). It is a Multiethnic Eating Tour, complete with an immigrant history of the Lower East Side, Chinatown, and Little Italy. It was great, because it was a walking tour, but we also got to sample some great eats: Dominican plantains, pickles, halvas, sweet and spicy Chinese tofu, longan fruits, Chinese dried plums and rose petals, traditional Italian mozzarella, parmesan, and salami, and the sweet ending, a delicious cannoli.

If you can probably imagine, it was fabulous and fun. The tour ended in Little Italy, and Megan and I grabbed a bite to eat at an Italian restaurant called La Nonna, and quickly headed back to Canal street -- to the heart of Chinatown shopping. Needless to say, I was pretty bold. We followed a little woman four blocks to the basement of a shop to find countless designer bags (well... knock-offs). Didn't purchase any of the bags, but I did buy some fun gifts for my friends. Oh, and they sell movies currently in theaters on the streets. Apparently, they film the movie with a personal camera in the movie theater, complete with popcorn crunching and old men coughing. I bought The Bucket List for $5, but haven't watched it yet. Julee and Lauren already have a collection of illegal movies. Oh, Chinatown.

Tonight we went to see Juno, which was a wonderful movie. I loved it and recommend it. Except the fact that movie tickets in New York are $12.

Alright, sorry for the complete detailed description of my every activity, but I hope you enjoy. Tomorrow, it's back to work at Time Out.


Redbook and New York

My first few days working at Redbook have been absolutely fantastic. I commute from my cousin's apartment in Brooklyn and it takes me about 45 minutes to get there from the subway. Not too bad at all. The Hearst building was pretty intimidating when I first arrived. It's beautiful and very well designed, right down to the waterfall that runs right under the escalators.

The office is exactly what I pictured from portrayals in movies of magazine offices. Everything is glass and very modern in design. I am one of several interns that are on a rotating schedule in order to fit with their school activities. I am the only one that comes in everyday.

The deputy features editor has me organizing the "Hottest Husband" contest applicants right now. It's a pretty sweet gig. The first judging begins on Monday. I'm pretty excited about it even though it's not very journalistic work.

It's teaching me a lot more about how major consumer magazines work. We had a photo shoot crisis this week and had to scour the town for seedlings for a "grow your own vegetables" article. Finding seedlings in New York in January is next to impossible. The girls behind the intern desk are in charge of trying out beauty products for side bars in the beauty section. They like to give the interns the products that they don't use. So I've been going home with lots of goodies.

I'm in love with New York. Danae and I are going on an ethnic food tour and we're gotta go!

Friday, January 4, 2008

My first day at Women's Health...

...was a success! I got to work at 9:30. My commute is about 30 minutes, since I'm coming from uptown (111th and Lenox/Malcolm X Blvd.). I take the train from Harlem to Times Square and then transfer to Grand Central. Rodale, Inc. is on Third Ave., conveniently next to a Starbucks and a few blocks from good shopping.

A lot of today was settling in, because I did get to visit before. I ventured around the building and sampled delicious organic tea. I was very impressed that the company lives up to its image of having a good life and being eco-friendly. All of the snacks in the break room are organic and healthy, the teas (and there are so many!) are organic and delicious. Even down to the cleaning supplies and silverware choices---everything is sustainable. Think nontoxic soap and post-consumer recycled cups. I'm more conscious of these things now because I work at Natural Home in Topeka, a sustainable living magazine.

Everybody in the office is so nice. One girl, an intern turned EA, is from Florida and recognized KU's journalism program. My direct supervisor is very friendly, and of course, Executive Editor/KU alum Alison Gwinn is great. She gave me a cover lines project today and I spent all day on it, and I will have to spend part of Monday on it, too. I'm researching and recording cover lines of magazines to figure out what works and what doesn't and what kind of tone WH should take with its cover lines. I think it is a great assignment, especially since I had publishing last spring and remember all this stuff. I have another project lined up for Monday about book organization---like, how the departments are arranged in the book and whether you should have lead-in pages or not, etc. etc. I am so happy to be able to use my skills already and help shape some of the research that is going into WH.

I work on the sixth floor at Rodale, and I have a nice view of the avenue from my window. The walls are a light shade of green (got this green theme going on here) and the beauty closet.....oh, the beauty closet. I walked past it a few times today and it looks like heaven. I plan on meeting the beauty editor during my time here, because that's a job that I would like to have one day. I read her page all the time when I get my WH, and it was just so cool to actually see her in person today!

Sorry this post is more diary-like and rambling...just trying to get it out...I'm tres tired. Adios, amigas!


Thursday, January 3, 2008

my first day at Time Out New York

This morning it felt like the first day of school -- I awoke early and giddy, awaiting the new friends and adventures I'd meet today.

I started my internship at Time Out New York magazine, which "stands out as the most comprehensive arts and entertainment resource in a city overflowing with cultural offerings and around-the-clock options." The office is located at 36th and Tenth Ave, a little trek from the subway stop. Thanks to a new Web site I discovered, I was able to find the exact subway and route to take me to my new little workplace.

When I walked in, I instantly had an ear-to-ear smile. The office is urban, metallic, funky, and spunky. I am going to secretly take pictures tomorrow. On the 12th floor, it has a spectacular view (don't worry, I took a picture of the sunset out the window). The rectangular office has workstations lined all around its edges, leaving a wide-open center with a grand winding staircase and bright purple and orange funny-shaped couches filling the middle. There are even King Kong-sized bean bags laying under the stairs.

I have been doing an odd assortment of work today-- which just shows you the spontaneity of tasks that need to be done at a magazine. I copied and created these media research binders for the editor-in-chief, and I went on an errand with my supervisor to Columbia University (oh my gosh, this campus is breathtaking) to turn in entries for a national magazine competition. It's been kind of a slow day with not much for me to do, but the atmosphere is great and, well, it's only the first day.

Tonight, a group of us are getting together to watch the Orange Bowl (Go Hawks!) at a KU bar down here. And, then back to work again tomorrow. I'm already in love with New York City, yet again, and can't wait for more new experiences.