Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Real Simple and my first 2 days!

Hey everyone -
I have been meaning to get on here and write ever since I got to NY on the 31st but I haven't got around to it. My husband and I arrived then and we did TONS of sight-seeing until he left on the 5th. I ended up with a cold and stayed in bed all weekend and then got up and had my first day yesterday.

Real Simple is great. I got the small tour of our floor. I'm on the 8th floor of the Time & Life Building. The actual Real Simple offices are on the 9th floor but we in the special departments got kicked out when we got too big for one floor! That means there aren't many of us on the 8th but it is everyone I am working closely with. I got my own cubicle with a VERY VERY pink screen. No matter what I did I couldn't get the screen, background, icons, cursor, anything to not be pink. It killed my eyes but James the IT guy brought me a new monitor at 4 yesterday afternoon and put a stop to the headache I had.

I was given three different assignments all for the Resources section in the back of every Real Simple. So I've been researching and interviewing for those three pieces these last two days. I am waiting for people to get back to me but all are getting close to being finished. I was at a standstill so I asked Jaimee, my editor, for some more work. She gave me two more assignments. One is another research and contact assignment for the Destination story but the other one should be TONS of fun. I get to put together a sidebar for Travel Firsts, like when the first flight was and where it went or who made the first swimsuit. Jaimee said to be creative and come up with anything I could. I will be diving head first into that tomorrow.

I can't really describe the offices in any other way then being simple, but that is to be expected. All of the offices have sliding wood and glass doors and of course I love them. I'm a little ways from the two people I work closest with Jaimee and Rachel but they pretty much give me assignments and set me loose.

The one cool thing about this building is it directly connects to Rockefellar Plaza which means I NEVER have to go outside, even to get on a subway. That will be nice if it is ever raining while I'm here.

Everyone else sounds like they are having a good time. Some of us are heading to Back Page to take in the KU game after work. Rock Chalk!

Until tomorrow -

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