Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My First Project....

is done! But, man did it take me forever.

So, on my second day in the office I was given the task to research and compile a list of stars under the age of 30. The purpose would be to put them on the cover of Shape. Well, this obviously rules out men and people with a beer belly. Other than that there were no restrictions. Besides the obvious perk of "playing" on Imdb.com for 3 days, the list ended up being quite a bit of work.

All in all the grand total of women celebs under 30 was around 550 people. At around 7 p.m. last night, my eyes began to lose focus and I wanted to through the computer out the window (one of which I don't even have in my back corner office...it would have been a daunting task).

Now, it is over and today begins a new project (of what I do not know). Regardless, I am in LOVE with Shape and New York. I have completely thrown my southern belle roots in the trash and I have exchanged them for the fast walking anonymous lifestyle of the big city.

This weekend was a treat though. My Guncles (aka my gay uncles) took my to see a play called August Osage County. It’s rumored to be getting big Tony nods. The kicker for me however, was that Thatcher Grey (Meredith Grey’s dad on Grey’s Anatomy) was a part of the cast.

P.S. I just spoke of the Grey’s cast as if they were people (eck I need help! Yes, I think that exclamation point was needed).

Oh, and one other thing… Danae what is halvas? I think you may mean Challah. As in the traditional bread served on Shabbat. Was it braided? I demand to get to the bottom of this issue.

Hope all is well with all of you. Lets plan and adventure this weekend.

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Danae DeShazer said...

nope, it was a sesame seed dessert. That's why it's linked Susan-- so you can learn more about it! :)